Saturday, December 6, 2003

Hotrate Reborn as Illumirate -- lighting your way through the web

I asked Barbara York the new owner why the name IllumiRate. Here is her response: "First, one of the platforms for the directory is the fact our editors' assess many of the sites we add. Therefore, I wanted to keep the "Rate" portion of the name.

Don't know if you had a chance to see our logo, but I think the candle that stands in for the first "I" in our name pretty much explains the concept.

IllumiRate is a "turn" on the word "illuminate" -- thus the slogan "Lighting your way through the Web".

Have you been "illumiRated"? Browsing this directory is an "IllumiRating" experience? For editors: Become a member of the "IllumiRate Nation"!

There are all sorts of phrases that could be used in connection with upping the power, high-voltage, etc., and other "light" connotations that are possible with the name.

Finally, having been a student at William & Mary, and an overall huge fan of the Williamsburg, VA, area, I have a soft spot in my heart for the holiday Grand Illumination celebration. Thus, when having a huge brainstorming session in my kitchen, we all came up with the name "IllumiRate".

Hope this better explains my objectives when choosing "IllumiRate" as our directory's new moniker. :-)

BTW, we do have a direct free submit for sites to be added to our waiting list at"

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